Empaths vs. HSP (They’re Not the Same Thing)

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NOTE: This article was written a few years ago when I was still in the process of dealing with my own anger and out of balance relationships with HSP. Much of my views have softened, expanded, and changed since then, but I leave it up because I know how many empaths go through this phase in their journey to get free, and every perspective along the way is valid.

The term empath and “highly sensitive person” often get lumped together, but they are not the same thing..

Most experts agree all empaths are highly sensitive, but not all highly sensitive people are empaths. Here’s the distinction:

A HSP is sensitive and primarily reactive to the energy around them. Dr. Elaine Aron, the originator of the term, defines it this way:

“A Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) has a sensitive nervous system, is aware of subtleties in his/her surroundings, and is tearsmore…

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10 Outstanding Short Stories To Read in 2017


Below is a guest post from Mumbai-based writer-filmmaker—and longtime #longreads contributor—Pravesh Bhardwaj (@AuteurPravesh).


I’ve been doing this for some time now — seeking out short stories from free online resources, and sharing them on Twitter (#fiction #longreads). It’s now a habit: Every night after dinner, before I start writing (screenplays), I look around for a story and read it.

Starting with Upmanyu Chatterji’s “Three Seven Seven and the Blue Gay Gene,” from Open magazine, and ending with Callan Wink’s “Off the Track” from Ecotone, I ended up reading and posting 292 stories in 2016. Here are ten of my favorites, in random order.

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Departure a Flash Fiction Story

Writings By Ender

Mark’s departure had nothing to do with no longer being in love with his wife Lexie but the departure did promise a reprieve from the constant fighting and mutual torment.

The drive to the airport was quiet and neither dared to share a word with the other. There were half utterance trying to mention a fleeting thought or a joke but they held back. Instead Lexie drove and Mark counted the broken lines on the highway and checked his phone time of arrival.

They didn’t share a word with each other but Lexie helped with his bags and treated him as gently as should could. Lexie was no longer in love with Mark.

“You don’t have to wait for the plane to come.” Mark said to Lexie.

“I know.” She stayed around anyway. They still didn’t talk.

The plane arrived an hour later and Mark boarded. Before entering the gate…

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Writing to get RICH

Myths of the Mirror


Well, that was a bait and switch, sort of. It all depends on how one defines rich.

I wonder how many of us start this writing journey with secret dreams of bestsellers, movie deals, roly-poly royalty checks, and hiring efficient staff with clipboards to manage our fan mail.

I write fantasy after all. A little dreaming is in order. Yet, I always knew that dream was a stretch (a gigantic one).

My husband, on the other hand, had high hopes that he’d married Ms. Moneybags who’d drag her sacks of gold from her thousands of books sales down the red carpet to the bank.

Ha ha ha. That would be nice! It didn’t take long for him to become disillusioned, the poor man.

Because that’s not how this author thing works (just in case you’re a dreamer and think it is). Oh yes, some few among us have outstanding good luck and…

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Changing Works I Don’t Like


We all have standards. We have them in who we date, what we do in school and many other things. This can be said with our creative endeavors as well. I know for me, there is a certain standard that I hold myself to when creating art or crafting stories. I however, I often feel that my work is substandard; the picture doesn’t look right, the characters are dull, the world I’ve built is bland or the plot lacks continuity. These feelings are often a hindrance since they tend to discourage me from muscling through it. With that being said, this feeling doesn’t have to be permanent. This, like many obstacles, is something that can be overcome. So how would one go about overcoming this issue?

Take Notes and Make a Change

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I’ve noticed that a lot of my self- labeled hindrances don’t stem from nothing. They’re actual problems…

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This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Hi! My name is Keyanna L. Thirdkill.

Welcome to Creatively-inward. I am quite excited to start this blog and I am super enthused that you’re reading this post.  I will give you a little background information about my self and why I started this blog and what I plan to do with it. for starters I am 24 years old, I am a Writer,Photographer and a Student. I live in Saint Louis,Missouri, my hobbies include reading,writing,walking, volunteer/Humanitarian work(I love helping others!) ,cooking and last but not least  drinking red wine.now the fun part.I started this blog because I love Creative Writing. I write fiction,short stories ,poetry,and creative non-fiction. I write daily on my own which is great,but I am needing a little more creative input on my work as well as learn from others in the writing community. which is why I am looking to branch out and network with other writers. so if you’re a writer and you’re wanting to get feedback on your work or simply collaborate during the creative process It would be an honor. now with my blog ,I plan to share some of my creative writing work ,write book reviews on books I am currently reading  and popular books that I have yet to read,write about important non -fiction topics and grow as a creative writer and a person but, most importantly learn from others who are my age,enjoy the same hobbies and passions as I do and are looking to better themselves as well. I am sure this will be a fun experience for all the writers, bloggers ,and readers out there who simply love creating.

once again I thank you for reading this post and I am excited about this journey!.


Happy writing to all


Keyanna L. Thirdkill