Resist hate


Resist the hate

And find a place,

Within your soul

To rest in grace,

To find the peace

To release,

The love that dwells

In you and me,

That stems from birth

From creation,

In a conscious celebration

Of all that’s good and all that’s right,

Shining in a radiant light

And making existence

A thing sublime,

Equal to anything divine,

Paying homage to our creator

By living life right,

By becoming awakened

And opening our eyes

And resisting and rejecting hate out of hand,

In the name of love,

We redefine our selves as human

As creation intended.

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August Ends


It  pains me that August would end on a sad note.  Even if you have accepted that we  would all grow old and eventually will leave this world, it is always sad to learn of someone dear to you pass on.  I just received a message that one of my aunts (Mom’s oldest sister) died last night. She was 96.  She was bedridden for so long that it surely is a blessing for her to rest at last with the Lord.  I will always remember those days when she would bring their farm’s produce when I go home for vacation.  I will always remember those days when she would allow us (her nieces and nephews) to  get what we like in her small sari-sari store when we were kids.  The memories linger and I feel sad that she passed on. It is always sad and touching to hear and see…

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Creative Writing vs Writing as Therapy

A Writer's Path

by Sara Kopeczky

I had a rough childhood and adolescence (but hey, who hadn’t?), and often times found consolation in making up stories. I would write short, gothic stories with monsters and witches that helped me cope with my everyday issues. Later on, when I became more serious about my writing, I realized that creative writing is so different from writing to soothe your soul, because you have a responsibility towards your readers (and towards yourself) to deliver something a bit more concise than fumbling notes about how your dad doesn’t love you and all the other kids are stupid. Here are some of the main differences between creative writing and therapeutic writing:

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When Writing Isn’t Enough: Finding Time to Write While Working

Kristen Twardowski

Roman Coins Even ancient Romans needed money.

The idealized vision of a writer includes a person who can dedicate his or her entire life to the craft. Sitting at home or in a coffee shop spending days writing paints a pretty picture but is not realistic for most writers. James Patterson may be able to earn upwards of $80 million per year, but the income for most professional authors in the US is below the poverty line. $8000 may be a nice chunk of change, but it is hard to support a living, breathing person on that amount. That means that most writers have to have another day job that may or may not be related to writing. And that means that most writers have to find time to write while still working to keep a roof over their heads and food in their fridges.

Over the years, I’ve approached writing while…

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The Trouble with Writing Endings

the art of storytelling is beautiful. with all the possible ways to ending a story there are different ways to approach how the writer will end it. as this post said there is always an after.

Kristen Twardowski

Gauguin_young_woman.jpg Paul Gauguin, “Portrait of a Young Woman. Vaite (Jeanne) Goupil),” Ordrupgaard, via Wikimedia.

The trouble with writing endings is that endings don’t actually exist. Not really. Instead there simply comes a moment when we stop telling the story.

Knowing when to stop has always been hard for me. In my head, I can’t help but carry the narrative on. What happens to the hero after she defeats the evil king? What happens after the protagonist gets married? What happens to the soldiers who were part of the losing army? What happens to the rest of the universe when the brightest star in a galaxy explodes?

There is always an after. And an after the after. And another after after that.

But the writer still has to stop telling the story at some point.

Where we decide to place the ending changes the meaning of a narrative. Does the tale…

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